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Getting The
Right Start

  • Working with start-ups, sharing our passion of creating success is our elixir of awesomeness. We are able to offer you years of software development and entrepreneurial experience. We bring more than just technology to the table, being in the proverbial trade for more than a decade we can join a lot of dots for you and your venture; assist you in building it, growing it and exiting on to new pastures. We have been there, done it and have knowledge to share and T-shirts to give!

    Get in touch and lets explore your future venture.

    We invest in start ups from time to time; and are technology partners for a number of start ups, venture funds and investors; we bring the technical know how and platforms to the table. And are always looking to expand our own horizons and relationships.If you are a start up looking for a technical investor, a fund or an investor looking for a technical partner for your own portfolio, get in touch; you will find our approach refreshingly delightful!