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About Us

  • As much as we love growing our business we love our ability to maintain good lasting relationships and our delivery guarantee more. We consider if you are right for us just as much as we expect you to consider if we are right for you.

    Our experience has shown that some types of companies and leaders are better suited to derive maximum value from having a relationship with us.

    You may be one of them if you:

    • Appreciate your software services partner challenging your assumptions and pulling you out of your comfort zone.
    • Appreciate co-creative design, increased speed of innovationand awesome customer experiences for your end users from your software services partner.
    • Appreciate obsession with innovation and quality.
    • Appreciate that globally short skills in emerging tech may not necessarily be in your time zone.
    • Appreciate there is a huge gulf between ‘cheap’ and ‘good value’.


    If your company and your leadership style fits any of these profiles, we would love to talk to you for we have a lot of shared values.