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About Us

  • Our experience has shown that some types of companies are ideally suited to derive maximum value from our services.

        You may be one of them if you:

    • are working with open source and emerging technologies like Drupal, WordPress, PHP, OpenCart, Magento, PHP, iOS, Android & SharePoint;

    • are looking to increase your in-house capacity and capability without taking on related overheads;

    • are used to working with geographically displaced teams (if you work with open source tech you already work with a virtual community);

    • are grounded in agile processes and can work them;

    • are seeking contract staff to ease ‘that’ bottle neck or are in need of a capacity burst;

    • are in need of a short term capacity burst;

    • are a start-up seeking to build an awesome technical team on a limited budget of time and funds.


        If you fit three or more of the profiles you will benefit from a relationship with us.